CINEMA 100% natural.sustainable!

A project by AG KINO-GILDE e.V. to make cinemas throughout Germany more environmentally sustainable


Arthouse cinemas have always transmitted important themes and values through their diverse and ambitious film selection. With the “KINO.natürlich” project, we are assuming social responsibility for implementing the 17 global goals of Agenda 2030. With concrete climate protection measures in the reference cinemas and smaller measures in as many cinemas as possible, we want to conserve resources, efficiently develop operating processes and position ourselves as a cinema industry that is fit for the future.” Dr. Christian Bräuer, Head of the board AG Kino-Gilde e.V

The AG Kino – Gilde e. V. as project-owner represents the common political and economic interests of film art theaters in Germany to the outside world and supports the cinemas in their daily work. Currently, more than 370 cinema operators with approx. 800 screens are members of the AG Kino – Gilde e. V. . In addition, around 50 distributors, associations, individuals and companies support the association as extraordinary members. It is represented in the international cinema network CICAE, in the top committees of the film industry and the state film funding.

Our cinemas are home to filmculture, encounters, diversity and education. Funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Environment Agency, with the project KINO:Natürlich, the AG Kino-Gilde is consciously committed to greater ecological sustainability in cinemas.

The first project term was from April 2018 untill end of october 2019, the second term is from May 2020 until April 2021. The current third term will last till April 2024.


Our Goals

Determining the environmental impact of cinemas

Showing options for action with reference cinemas to operate ecofriendly and more sustainably

Raising awareness in the cinema industry with respect to climate and resource protection

Making cinema’s commitment to global issues and sustainability visible


Status analysis, areas of activity and internal survey on the status quo

Reference cinemas and climate protection measures as options

Research on support, advice, services and initiatives

Information platform for cinema operators and communicationtools

Checklists, options to act and guidelines / policy statement

Offer of a sustainability film series to cinemas that want to promote sustainability in their programming as well

Fields of Action

There are many ways for cinemas to protect resources. It's about saving energy, water and raw materials. So it's about the projector, ventilation and heating, lighting, toilets, cleaning supplies, programs, concession packaging, etc. The ideas for a more sustainable operation are there. So what are you waiting for?


Can your cinema help prevent the mountains of trash from growing in the first place? But sometimes trash can't be completely avoided. Does your cinema at least separate the waste? Have you perhaps experimented with environmentally friendly packaging? Are there reusable cups instead of disposable ones? What happens to leftover food or posters?


Visitors must be able to reach the cinema quickly and easily. It is now known that the arrival and departure of moviegoers is responsible for a large part of a cinema's CO₂ footprint. But commuting to work, business trips, and transporting materials also pollute the environment. How does your cinema support environmentally friendly mobility?


Cinemas have the potential to bring people of different ages and social classes together and to make a significant contribution to the formation of values and social models. With the selection of films, film discussions and other cultural offerings, a cinema can initiate and advance the discussion of climate and environmental protection.